Newly Installed Chairman of Hanover Parish Council

Newly installed chairman of Hanover Parish Council Wynter McIntosh hit the ground running with a comprehensive tour of the parish capital on Thursday last and followed that up with a high level stakeholders meeting one week later.

In an address to the stakeholders meeting Mayor McIntosh stressed that to achieve strategic results all arms of administration in the parish need to cooperate effectively.
“There is no doubt that a chain is as strong as its weakest link,” he declared, “that has been proven time and time again, and it is necessary to have cohesion if Hanover is to be the place of choice.”
In his requesting the stakeholders to give an outline of their organisation’s short to long term plans, Mayor Winter stressed that “things cannot be business as usual.”
JPS representative Antoinette Burton Steer noted that in response to customer complaints, that organization was in the process of relocating the single trunk line that serves the parish to a path along the North Coast highway, to reduce the high incidence of power outages that was severely hampering their service. The JPS also had plans, she said to install a new facility so that the parish would not depend on a single supply link.
For their part, the Public Health Dept, represented by Dr. Wisdom addressed some immediate plans which included sanitation and mosquito and rodents control.
Also, other plans were outlined by the National Works Agency and Fire Dept.
In his address to the meeting, Hon. Luther Buchanan, Minister of State, Office of the Prime Minister, said he was imploring the new Parish Council administration to develop strategic thinking, and in particular the road network was of primary importance. He noted the complaints of traffic management and called for the involvement of the Traffic committee.
It was the decision of the heads to meet again on a quarterly basis, to examine a progress review the plans.