The Roads and Works Department is often referred to as the engine room of the Parish Council, since the vast majority of the services received by the residents of and visitors to the parish are structural and physical. Many of these basic services are critical to the well-being of the many communities of the parish. This responsibility is provided for under the Parochial Roads Act. The Roads and Works Department is the leader in providing quality roads and thoroughfares, such as those which form part of our responsibility, bearing in mind of course that about three separate agencies administer the matter of roads in Jamaica.
Drains, like roads, also form the major part of the mandate of the Roads and Works Department, as are markets, parks, cemeteries, transportation centres, abattoirs, public sanitary conveniences and Parish Council buildings. By definition, roads are perhaps the most identifiable part of the Parish Council technical services, however, not all roads are the responsibility of the Parish Council.

The Roads and Works Department is the parish’s principal provider and maintenance of catchment tanks and a number of minor water supply schemes, which ensures that the drinking water provided is safe. In cases where the supply in quality is not guaranteed, precautionary boil water notices are posted or issued as part of the department’s regulations.
The Department requires that wastewater collection and treatment conform to environmental standards.

The Department is headed by a superintendent with a compliment of deputy, assistant deputy and works overseers.