Senior Management is comprised of Heads of Departments who guide the day to day operations of the Administration.

At the present time the various Heads of Department and Sections are:

Mr, David Gardner                        -          Chief Executive Officer, formerly known as Secretary Manager
Mr. Huel Jackson                          -          Superintendent, Roads and Works
Ms. Meisha Samuels                    -          Acting Director of Finance
Mrs. Keniesha Stennett Dunbar   -          Parish, Disaster Preparedness Coordinator
Mrs. Pauline Allen-Bedward         -          Accountant, Budget and Revenue Officer
Mrs. Aretta Smith                          -          Internal Auditor
Ms. Andreene Williams                 -          Director of Administration
Mr. Neika Edram                          -           Inspector of Poor
Mrs. Sophia Kerr Reid                 -           Director of Planning
Ms. Hyacinth Hylton                    -           Matron