No Stray Animals declares Mayor McIntosh


Having just carried out a programme of extensive drain cleaning in and around Lucea, towards the end of last year, the Parish Council is now firmly set against the presence of roaming stray animals throughout the town. I am warning also that the presence of stray dogs will follow suit. Imagine if one of these animals all of which are evidently sick were to bite one of our visitors. I cannot say that we would not be culpable.
Over the last few months a small number of goats has mushroomed into a sizeable herd which has overtaken garbage bins and green areas, leaving our capital in a terrible state, especially each morning. Residents also are no longer able to maintain the hedges on their property because of the limitless diet of the goats, and pedestrians fear the dogs will attack them.
The roaming animals are a nuisance to public cleansing workers, whose job is made harder by garbage which has been scattered away from the bins. 
Meanwhile, the unsightliness which greets our visitors from home and abroad is not the kind of welcome which our residents are proud of, and aside from visitors, our residents deserve better.
Stray animals cannot be tolerated within a one mile radius, and beginning on Wednesday February 11, these animals will be impounded or shot, and the owners prosecuted to appear in court. The Local Authorities Regulations empower the Parish Council to impound and slaughter stray animals.
I am well aware that the loss of these animals will be a serious economic setback to the owners of these animals, but the fact that many of these animals are tagged means the owners can be traced.
Our municipal team backed by other workers will be working to rid the streets of all stray animals, so that the appearance of our town will improve. Where possible, the owners of these stray animals will bear the full brunt of the law.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Last Updated February 11, 2015, 2:14pm