New Municipal Officers

Two new municipal officers were recently installed by the Parish Council, at a ceremony in Lucea. The new officers, Esron Laing and Glenroy Grant will join their eleven other colleagues in improving the service provided by the Parish Council to residents of and visitors to the parish. One of the many breaches is the construction of buildings without planning permission, and advertising signs, both temporary and permanent.
Minibuses which ply the Lucea-Montego Bay route are also being given special attention, said Supervisor Sophia Hall-Tate. Among them are a “bunch of drivers who describe themselves as shottas”. Mrs. Hall-Tate noted that these uncooperative drivers refuse to comply by operating from their designated area.

Fish vendors who have again taken to the streets and abandoned the new fish market will be facing prosecution over the few weeks. “”There will be a serious clampdown on these individuals who are breaching the regulations,” said Mrs. Hall-Tate., as well as those who will not desist from using the piazzas and sidewalks.
Motorists who use permit parking are asked to purchase their tickets at the outlets whenever it is convenient, since there is a zero tolerance in illegal parking.